Tip of the Day!! How to Store Papad/ Papadums

Its PapadBadiDay tomorrow & What better Tip than how to store Papads.. To prolong the Papad life ;  Store in an airtight container n keep in the frig OR Store in an airtight container, put some fenugreek seeds/ methi seeds in the container along with the papads & store at room temperature , Make sure […]

TIP of the day!! JUICE ABC to FITNESS

ABC ??  APPLE, BEET, CARROT juice..  Take 1 of each & juice it in a juicer, add half a cup of water & a little honey ( optional) This juice does wonders for all over health & fitness as it has all the necessary nutrients to keep you going. Have it in the morning/ evening […]


Add a little Hot oil & a pinch of Baking Soda n Asafoetida/ hing to your batter of  batata vada or bhajiyas n see the difference it makes to your batter when fried! It will be Crunchy & soft at the same time….

Raw Sugar Wins Over White Sugar?

Sugar, Sugar n Sugar !! Not good for you but cannot do without it also; but is it really that bad? There is White Sugar, Brown/ Demerara Sugar, Raw Sugar as well as sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup, jaggery powder & so many more!! I love making desserts n Sweets be it Western, Indian […]