MAMRA ni Chiki/ Puffed Rice Bars

MAMRA ni Chiki reminds me of my childhood..

When we were young, my Mom would make this awesome puffed rice bars for my brother and me! we would love to eat this when we came back from school and she wouldn’t mind it since it was healthy..

I am going to share this recipe with you today so that you can make it for your kids and also for yourself as it can be had without guilt…

Puffed rice has no calories whatsoever and jaggery is good for health and also clarified butter Or Ghee to some extent is good too..

You need

1 cup melted Ghee / Clarified Butter

1 1/3 cup jaggery ( grated)

250 gms puffed rice/ MAMRA ( I prefer the thin ones) roasted well

Half cup roasted peanuts or almonds ( optional)


Heat Ghee in a broad bottomed vessel, add the grated jaggery and keep on stirring till it melts fully on a slow flame. There should be no lumps..

Take a thali or a big dish and brush it with Ghee and keep it ready..

As soon as the ghee and jaggery mixture is ready pour it into the puffed rice and mix it well. Be sure to be quick in the whole process as we don’t want the mixture to thicken..

Take the mixture out in the thali and spread it well and smoothen it out with the back of a bowl.

Make pieces when it’s hot in the thali as big as you want as later on you won’t be able to make the pieces as it hardens up.

Let it cool for an 2 hours and then take out the cut pieces and relish..

One of the most easiest recipes, the only thing you need to be careful is see to it that the jaggery does not get burnt..

Festival time is just around the corner so make this and enjoy!!

You can also add peanuts or almonds in the mixture or at the top as a garnish if you want…

If you like the recipe do let me know or just follow me…


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