USAEC— USAppleExportCouncil organised a Four Course SitDown Dinner at THEORY with the FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION, INDIA (FBAI)..

Invited by the FBAI to one more BRILLIAT EVENT, the SITDOWN Dinner was such a pleasure with them serving us GOURMET Dishes using USApples..

J.K.Rowling says “Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year.The morning of the First September was Crisp & Golden as an Apple”

The Food curated by Chef Clyde seemed to remind us of AUTUMN ; was so well made & planned. APPLES were used so magnificently in every Dish…
The Evening started by Chef Clyde showing us some wonderful Recipes using USApples…

The Dinner started with an Amazing Mocktail like Apples & Cinnamon Sparkler which was really superb with cinnamon adding its flavour to our Hero ‘APPLE’, Fresh Apple Juice , other Cocktails flowed around..

The Apple Carrot Soup with Almond Slivers had a great Sweet Fruity Flavour…

The SALADs included were the Poached Apple with Goat Cheese & Crunchy Endives with poached apples, drizzled with red wine reduction served with gratinated goat cheese & hazelnut which were again brilliant..

The Main Course had the Apple Gnocchi with Butternut Squash & Sage butter, Pan seared Apple Gnocchi served with cinnamon glazed Squash & Burrata… both of which were delicious

The use of Cheeses like Goat Cheese & Burrata with APPLES was something I simply Loved & which is inspiring Me to try some Enticing Recipes using both..

THe Last but not the Least Course were the DESSERTS which included Apple CHEESECAKE & the LOW Sugar Apple BAKLAVA which was INTOXICATING …

The Desserts were Gluten Free & served with Awesome Burnt Butter Icecream..

The Service by THEORY was Great ..

The Evening was MAgical in all its Spheres!!!!!!!


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