CHATPATA Nacho Strips!!

Nachos… the Word itself tingles the Tastebuds !!
Originally from Mexico but its famous in almost every corner of the World, a Favourite with all especially kids..

Usually the Nacho Chips that we have outside are made with Maida/ All Purpose Flour but I am giving a HEALTHY Recipe without the Maida so that it can be made to give it as a Snack to the kids instead of the ready packaged food that they gorge on, these are equally delicious!!

U need 

2 cups Maize flour( makai ka Atta)

2 cups Whole Wheat flour 

1 cup Cornflour

1 to 2 cups water( approximately)

Salt to taste

4 tsp oil

Oil for frying

If U are using small cups for measuring the flours, then use small spoons also, the best would be to use measuring cups & spoons…

To be made into a Masala;

1 tbsp red chilli powder 

1 tbsp cumin powder

Salt as per taste

1 tsp Dry oregano 

1 tsp garlic powder ( optional)

For the Masala;

Mix the chilli, cumin powder, oregano, salt & keep aside

For the Nacho Strips;

Take all the flours, mix well, add salt & oil , make into a dough, not very soft with the water.

Immediately start making medium sized balls of the dough, roll into a circle ( should be like a thick roti/ flatbread) ,poke the rolled dough with a fork & cut into strips

Now Heat Oil in a Large Pan/ kadai, once its heated properly add the strips & fry till golden brown , Remove on a tissue or parchment paper

Now add the premixed Masala as soon as the Nacho Strips are removed from the oil, mix the Masala well till the strips are coated well with it.

Your Chatpata Nacho Strips are Ready to be Gorged on!!


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