Raw Sugar Wins Over White Sugar?

Sugar, Sugar n Sugar !! Not good for you but cannot do without it also; but is it really that bad?

There is White Sugar, Brown/ Demerara Sugar, Raw Sugar as well as sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup, jaggery powder & so many more!!

I love making desserts n Sweets be it Western, Indian etc. I use sugar in every sweet but moderately as i do not like an overdose of anything.

I have used every kind of sugar be it White, Brown, demerara  (family of brown), but recently i started using Raw Sugar which i heard is slightly better for us! It is good for health as the minerals remain intact to some extent but the calorie count doesn’t seem to help much as the statistics say!

The good part of Raw Sugar is that it gives u that nice raw jaggery flavour which I love in many of my Indian sweets as well as my tea time cakes like strawberry , carrot, zucchini etc

It is also very healthy to include in your granolas especially for people who don’t like Honey!! 

In baking it somehow adds a certain richness to the bakes and gives less sweetness than the regular sugar. I simply love using Raw Sugar, its my New Addiction!!

But that doesn’t mean that I condemn our regular White Sugar, it still gives some of the best products; We need to be just careful of how much we eat as i don’t think 1 small cookie or a small piece of cake can be harmful!!

So it boils down to this: Have Sugar, any kind but within limits as most of the sugars will give you the same calories but maybe the Raw Sugar could be just a little healthier as the minerals stay intact!!

Even most of the dieticians add some sugar in your everyday diet unless you are suffering from some ailment! 

If you are one of those who are disciplined in your lifestyle you don’t need to worry about the sugar and if you are undisciplined then you need to worry about everything so why blame the poor Sugar!!

So go ahead, Enjoy life n let the Debate go on!!


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