Green Apples have been on my palate since i was invited for the WASHINGTON APPLES High Tea Meet by the FOOD BLOGGERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA.
I wanted to try some Fusion recipe with Green Apples as they are consumed more in the West as compared to us, i have tried a good deal of baking with them but wanted to incorporate them in the Indian way, so I thought of making this PHIRNI! 

I was a bit skeptical as to how would it turn out but it tasted brilliant, the Goodness of the Apple & the Richness of the Phirni was boggling, its a Musttry recipe.

U Need :

1 Green Apple

2 cups water 

2 tbsp sugar

For the Phirni

2 cups of milk ( can take low fat/ i used the Amul Lactose Free)

6 tbsps sugar ( more or less according to taste)

half cup basmati rice/ brown rice grounded to a powder in a mixer ( not very fine)

FOR the Apple;

heat the water in a pan, add the sugar & when the sugar is dissolved, add the whole apple in the boiling water, let it cook for 5 mins only, we dont want the apple to overcook, remove it from the water & let it cool.

when cooled, gently core out the middle of the apple keeping the apple intact, keep the cored apple pieces on the side

For the Phirni;

heat the milk in a non stick pan, add the sugar & the ground rice, let it cook on a medium flame till the rice is cooked well & the mixture thickens like a custard, keep on stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom, once done allow it to cool a little, add the cored apple pieces to it

Now take the Cored Apple & fill the phirni in it & chill in the frig for 3 hours before serving!!!

U can cook more apples as there will be some phirni left or simply add a little Rose Water or Saffron to the leftover Phirni and enjoy our Indian Delicacy.

Serve the whole Apple filled Phirni & let the Guests cut it themselves as they marvel at this Beautiful Delicacy!!


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