THE other day i received this awesome box from  THE OLIVE TREE TRADING COMPANY which had 1 bottle of Olive oil, 1 bottle of Extra Virgin Oil n also 2 MILK PACKS about which i will be writing later!

I love Olive oil be it plain or virgin; I make a lot of Flavoured Virgin OILs to garnish my salads, pastas, pizzas, pilafs n many more….

I thought of using the Olive Trading Company Extra Virgin Oil to make my Flavoured Oils incorporating Garlic, Red Chillies, Parsley n Lemon.

The Flavours turned out awesomely Piquant n Sharp which showed the high quality of the Oil!

I have to share this Recipe so that U can make n enjoy these different oils as much as i do!


U Need;

1 cup Extra Virgin Oil

5 cloves of garlic

2 dry Kashmiri chilli/ or any other dry chilli

5 basil leaves

Heat the oil in a pan till just about heated , then add the garlic, basil n the chilies n let it sizzle for about 2 mins on a slow flame, then put off the gas, let the oil with the garlic, basil n chillies cool down completely. 

Now fill this oil in a glass bottle n store, if you are not going to consume it immediately then keep it in the refrigerator,  it will last for almost a month,  take it out an hour before serving!

In the same way  you can also make your other oils like Parsley n lemon or only garlic or basil or even have a combination of any the herbs with peppercorns!!!

Just drizzle this oil on any of your favourite dishes n see how it enhances the taste!!


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