Sarson ka saag n Maki ki Roti is so happening in winters in Punjab and the Tandul(rice) chappati/ Bhakri as they say in Maharashtra is a biggg hit, so i thought of making a fusion of the two n try and to my amazement the chapattis/bhakri tasted soooo good with the sarson that I thought of sharing it with all of u 

Even in the sarson i have added not only mustard leaves n spinach but also red radish leaves n fenugreek leaves n trust me it’s awesomeeee 

So here goes the Interstate Fusion Recipe 

For the sarson U need 

1 bunch sarson/ mustard leaves

1 bunch spinach/ palak leaves 

1 bunch small red radish leaves

1 cup of fenugreek/ methi leaves 

2tbsp ghee/ clarified butter 

2tbsp ginger garlic paste 

4 green chillies sliced 

Half tsp of kasuri methi/ dried fenugreek powder 

Salt to taste 

1tsp lime juice

For the Tandul / Rice chapatti

2 cups rice flour 

Approx  1 cup of water

Salt to taste 

Ghee to put on top

Chop all the sarson, spinach, radish n fenugreek leaves n steam them for 5 to 7 minutes, remove them in cold water n drain after 3/ 4min n then make a smooth paste in a blender

Heat ghee in a pan, add the chilies, ginger garlic paste, dry fenugreek powder n saute for 3 minutes, then add the green leaves paste n cook for 2 minutes n lastly add the lime juice 

For the Tandul Bhakri, combine the flour, water n salt n make a nice soft dough, leave aside for ten minutes n then make small equal size balls n roll them into a circle n cook on hot griddle or a tawa until it is cooked well n dark brown spots appear on each side, put some ghee or clarified butter on the Bhakri if u like 

Serve hot with sarson ka saag, onions n chillies n trust me it is Heaven!!!

U can even garnish it red radish to make it more colourful, so go ahead n try your variations as i try mine!!

Have a great last Weekend of 2016 n lots more to come in 2017!!


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