Multigrain Lettuce Pomegranate Sandwich with Tzatzki dressing 

Hiii, recently i have been following Greek food as i love the simplicity of the cuisine so i thought of making a sandwich using their Tzatzki dip as a flavouring instead of using mayonnaise or butter which makes it a little fattening as also this is more healthy 

And then i saw these luscious pomegranates at my local fruit vendor and thought of making myself a different kind of sandwich using multigrain bread to add to the health count

So U need;

Multigrain bread slices grilled ( use any bread u prefer)

1 tomato deseeded n sliced 

1 green pepper/capsicum deseeded n sliced  ( optional)

1 pomegranate cut n deseeded well

Few lettuce leaves washed n dipped in ice cold water ( can also use rocket leaves, icebergs, kale)

For the Tzatzki dip

1 cup greek yoghurt  ( use hungcurd if greek yoghurt not available)

1 cucumber grated n squeeze out the water

1 tsp crushed garlic 

1 tsp extra Virgin Olive oil 

Few drops of lemon juice 

salt n pepper to taste 

2 tsp of dill leaves chopped finely  ( Suva bhaji)

Mix all the ingredients for the dip together well

Grill the multigrain bread or whatever bread you are using well

Apply the dip generously  on one slice, put a few lettuce leaves, then put the tomato slices, pepper slices if using n lastly add the pomegranate seeds, take another grilled bread slice, apply the Tzatzki n make it into a sandwich 

This is one of the easiest recipes i have shared but trust me it’s awesomeeee, the combination of the Tzatzki n pomegranates tastes great so try it for yourself!!!!!

If u don’t find dill , u can use mint leaves  (pudina)

Hope you enjoy this zatpat healthy n yummy recipe!!!


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