Hii, today’s recipe is dedicated to my love for the winter sweet potatoes that are so widely available in the winters, they are so pink n fresh that i thought of making a fusion dish with it

Quinoa is such a healthy substitute for rice that i thought of making a pilaf  ( a kind of pulav/rice dish) by using simple ingredients so that people who don’t want to indulge in rice can savour this dish 

If u want u can make this with either white rice or brown rice also

I have used fenugreek leaves and sweet potatoes but that again can be replaced with spinach and potatoes , use your imagination and maybe u ll come up with some interesting dish all by yourself 

So here U NEED 

1 cup quinoa 

1/ 4 cup boiled lentils  ( i used whole masoor dal)

1 cup freshly cut fenugreek leaves  ( methi leaves)

1 big sweet potato diced

1 onion sliced

Half a tomato diced 

2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste 

3 cups of water 

2 tsp olive oil / any other u like 

1tsp of chilli powder 

1 tsp of coriander powder / dhaniya powder 

1 tsp of cumin powder / jeera powder 

Salt to taste 

Heat oil in a pan n add the ginger garlic paste, onions,tomato n cook for a minute then add the fenugreek leaves n saute again for a minute add the salt, chilli ,coriander , cumin powders n cook for half a minute n then add the quinoa n lentils n cook for a minute for the flavours to set in before adding the 3 cups of water, let it all cook on a high flame till the water reduces to half , then add the sweet potato n then cook till all the water dries up, if u need u can add half a cup of water more

Add the sweet potato halfway through the cooking else it will cook so much that it will get all mixed up 

If u don’t want to use coriander n cumin powder u can simply use taco seasoning / garam masala but i prefer the coriander cumin 

So have fun making this wonderful pilaf n PLS DO FOLLOW MY BLOG if u like my recipes n reviews , u ll get a follow pop up at the end of the recipe 


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