SURTI UUNDHIYA! an Indian delicacy 

Hii all, i am overwhelmed by the amount of recipe requests i got after i posted the picture of Surti UNDHIYA which I had posted on my social media pages

UNDHIYA is a Indian delicacy coming from the region of Gujarat, thereagain its made in different ways in its various towns

But i like the Surti version of it n its a dish that has been prepared in my household for generations , so here i m sharing with you our secret recipe 

Pls prepare well in advance as this exotic dish will take a lot of your time as there are so many ingredients that have to be bought , then shelled n cut n then cooked, u need 2 hours of preparations n cooking , so make this dish when u have time

U need 

Half a kg of Surti papdi ( kind of fava beans)

200g of tuver dana/ lilva ( if available or u just increase that much papdi)

Half a cup of milk

1 tsp ajwain seeds ( caraway seeds)

400g of yam

400g of suran( elephant yam)

300g of sweet potatoes

300g of potatoes 

200g of raw banana  (optional )

150g of baby bringals/eggplants  (optional )

300g / 3 big cups of fresh coriander chopped fine 

250g of fresh green garlic chopped fine  ( if green garlic is unavailable take 5tbsps of garlic paste )

1 coconut grated very fine

100g of green chilli paste ( adjust according to taste)

200g of fresh turmeric made into a paste ( blend it very well)

10tbsp of oil ( it’s a lot of oil but won’t taste good without it)

Salt to taste 

For the muthiyas ( chickpea flour balls)

3/4 cup besan/ chickpea flour 

1/2 cup whole wheat flour 

1 cup of fresh fenugreek / methi chopped fine 

2 tsp oil

A pinch of baking soda

Salt n chilli powder to taste

Oil for frying 

I m going to show you the easy n faster way to prepare this dish as otherwise it will take u a very long time to prepare 

Firstly heat 2tbsp oil in a big nonstick pan n add the yam , suran, potatoes , raw bananas n half a cup of water n let it cook till they are half done

In a big pan mix the chopped coriander , green garlic , coconut , turmeric , salt n 4 tbsp of oil n mix very well , this is your masala

For the muthias/ chickpea balls mix all the ingredients together n shape them into balls n fry them in hot oil

Heat 4tbsps oil in a very broad pan n add the ajwain seeds n then the shelled papdi, tuver, lilva with half a cup of milk n let it cook for 5 min, then spread some of the coriander masala on it, now add the veggies like the yam, suran, potatoes , raw bananas , sweet potatoes n bringals little by little , add the veggies n masala alternatively , then add 1 cup of water n put a lid on top n let it cook, halfway through add the muthias/ chickpea flour balls, slide them in between the veggies so that they will mix well, now pour the rest of your 4 tbsp oil from the top into the pan n cover n cook for at least half an hour to 45 minutes 

Keep on checking whether your veggies are done intermittently n rotate the veggies so that they are all cooked well

Your home will be filled with a lovely aroma as soon as the UNDHIYA starts cooking

Hope you all love n savour this dish as much as my family n friends do

Serve this with hot puris n shrikhand or with hot rotis n masala chaas!

Happy Winters to all of U!


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