Hiii again , i went to Godrej Nature’s Basket the other day n found a very different flour;Organic Wheat Maida ( all purpose flour)  which i thought would be very interesting to use for baking as it was maida (apl) but healthy 

The flour seemed very wheatlike so i thought of baking a bread with it, i had tasted soda breads sometime back n so thought of baking an Irish soda bread which does not require proving time and is also very healthy n tastes great with some herbed butter or flavoured olive oil 

So here is the recipe 

U need 

1 cup milk

2tbsp vinegar / apple cider vinegar 

2 cups normal APL/ maida/ organic maida

1 tbsp sugar

Half tsp baking soda

Half tsp salt

2 tbsp mixed seeds like pumpkin / flax/ watermelon ( optional )

Preheat the oven to 200deg centigrade / 400deg Fahrenheit 

Mix the vinegar in milk n let it stand for sometime till the milk curdles

Mix the dry ingredients like the flour, salt , baking soda , sugar together  in a bowl n gradually add the milk vinegar mixture to it

Take all the mix on a board n knead it really well until it combines into a dough, u may need to add some extra flour if u feel the dough is kinda runny

Then shape the dough into a ball n make an X on top with a scissor  ( cut it diagonally twice /thrice) so that the steam can escape through whilst baking  ( do not forget to do this)
Add the seeds on top if you like n then cut the dough into an X

Place it in a lined tray n bake it for 45min till it is well browned on the top n a knife comes out clean, do not overbake as it will become too hard

Enjoy your Irish bread hot with some herbed butter but my personal favourite is to have it with flavoured or even plain extra Virgin Olive oil 


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