Today I would like to share one of my recipe that my four nephews just love or for that matter anyone who loves spaghetti would simply love the flavours n piquantness of this dish

Tomatoes are just so ripe n fresh in this season which adds to the dish

And the Bechamel sauce or the white sauce as we so often say if rightly made adds to the richness 

So let’s get started with our TOMATO N WHITE SAUCE SPAGHETTI 

U Need 

1 pack spaghetti boiled al dente ( means don’t overcook it ) 

for the tomato sauce; 

5/6 tomatoes puried n sieved 

10 cloves of garlic chopped fine ( can take less but I like the garlicky flavour )

Half a cup of basil leaves chopped finely 

1 tsp red paprika / chilli powder 

2 tsp of olive oil 

salt to taste 

2 tsps of tomato ketchup  ( can omit if u want )

1tsp of mixed herbs ( again optional )

For the Bechamel /White sauce; 

1 litre of milk 

4 tbsp of butter 

2 tbsp of APL  (maida)

Half to 1 cup of cheese as u like 

Salt n pepper to taste 

For the Tomato sauce; 

Heat olive oil in a pan n add the garlic n saute for a min, then add the basil, tomatoes, salt, paprika,ketchup, mixed herbs n let it simmer till it is thick, keep aside n let cool 

For the Bechamel or the white sauce;

 Add butter in a nonstick pan n heat it on a slow flame, instantly add the maida/Apl n stir till it is well combined, slowly add the milk little by little n allow it to mix well with the butter n flour mixture, increase the gas flame only after it’s mixed well n there are no lumps, let it boil for 5 mins n then add your cheese, salt,  pepper and the tomato sauce, add spoon by spoon so that the white sauce does not curdle, make sure your tomato sauce is cool when you add it

Lastly add the spaghetti in the pink sauce n garnish with a few sprigs of parsley 

U can add sautéed veggies also to this dish if you desire or make it without the white sauce n only with the tomato sauce n veggies which also tastes delicious 

So go ahead n make this for your family this weekend n share your culinary skills with them, i m sure this is one dish that kids simply love n is a hit with the adults too

Have A Lovely Fun filled Weekend! n wait for my next recipe or a restaurant review



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