Whacky Morning Muesli 

Hii, with the latest thunderbolt that Indians have got with all the 500’s n 1000’s we need all our strength to gather all our 10’s, 20’s n 100’s as of now, haha

So here’s a deliciously healthy recipe for your mornings 

Whacky Morning Muesli 

U need 

Half a cup of roasted oats

Half a cup of cornflakes / honey loops/ chocos

4 to 5 almonds slivered 

1 walnut chopped 

Few black raisins (as much as preferred )

few cranberries (3 to 4 whole )

1tsp of pumpkin seeds

1 tsp of watermelon seeds

a pinch of cinnamon powder 

1/2 tsp of roasted flaxseeds as unroasted ones will not be chewable 

1/2 to 1 apple cubed

Banana if preferred 

Or any other fruit of your choice 

1 cup of milk preferably cow’s or skimmed  or 1 cup yoghurt  ( skimmed or can even use the greek yoghurt)

1tsp raw /organic honey/ sugar if u like

1 / 2 dates finely chopped 

Mix all the ingredients together n lastly add the milk or yoghurt n let it stand for 5 min before having it as it will soak in all the flavours well

So make this every morning with your variations n njoiiii 


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