HEALTH Menu Smokehouse Deli

Hii folks,  Festival time is over n we are all iin the guilt zone of having binged on sweets n loaded dishes but u cannot not eat out for a very long time 

So here’s an excellent option if u want go out with your BFFs or that matter anyone else n eat without guilt 

SMOKEHOUSE DELI has introduced it’s health menu which is brilliant n so true to its word

Amazing dishes by Chef Glyston like kale n millet soup, tomato polento with truffle scented vegetables, jowar fettuccine with tomato braised vegetables, chilli sago with curried vegetables, SHD upma with grilled vegetables n greens are all super for a good binge without guilt 

They also have delicious desserts n my personal fav is the spirulina pudding with basil seeds which is something i haven’t had ever before!

The café ambience is very pleasant n the service is very prompt n courteous 

They are soon also coming up with a healthy juices n smoothies menu too

A Great Guiltfree experience post diwali made me a happier person so why don’t u people try n share your experiences



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