Rye bread open sandwich

Hi , summer’s here n want to ave something light but delicious for dinner then this is d perfect recipe for you

Rye bread open sandwich with zucchini, peppers, avocado n rocket leaves

U need

Rye bread slices as required

1 ripe avocado mashed

Zucchini slices grilled in a little olive oil

Aubergine slices also grilled in olive oil  (optional)

Some rocket leaves deveined*

Red pepper slices also slightly grilled

Sour cream ( i used yoghurt)

Any spice mix of ur choice *

Grill d rye bread slices n spread d sour cream or yoghurt n put ur spice mix, then spread d mashed avocado, put d rocket leaves on top n then put d grilled zucchini, peppers n aubergine slices n sprinkle ur spice mix on top again

* if u can’t get rocket leaves u can use either lettuce or arugula leaves

* spice mix- just mix equal amount of cayenne pepper powder, cumin powder n salt n a little garlic if u wish

Do try this yummy n healthy sandwich n don’t forget to KEEP SMILING 😊wp-1462385187404.jpg


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