Hi all, one more enticing dish for all of u wd zucchini my favourite

Zucchini Cottage cheese patties

U need

1 big zucchini grated

300gm low fat cottage cheese  (paneer )

1 stalk celery chopped fine

3 cloves garlic mashed

1  green chilli chopped finely

1 red pepper finely chopped

2 slices brown bread crumbs

Salt to taste

For the Mustard Sauce u need

1 cup low fat hung curd

1/2 tsp mustard seeds grinded

2 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp virgin olive oil

Salt n pepper to taste

For d patties __

Take grated zucchini n press out d water, add d cottage cheese n all d other ingredients n mix well, make round shaped patties n take a non stick grill pan , add a little olive oil n cook it on both sides till golden brown

For d Mustard Sauce ___

Mix all ingredients well n chill in d frig for sometime

Serve d patties wd d mustard sauce n ave a healthy n yummy snack anytime of d day

Lastly don’t forget to be happy coz u need it n so does everyone around U


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