Gujarati Methi Na Gota/ Pakora

#ChaiPakodaDay We are Celebrating this day on the 30th July 2017 with the Famous & So Humble RUSHINA GHILDIYAL…. My Pleasure that she has chosen Me & my #Shitalsfoodcottage to host the Event.. It will be memorable day for me always as so many of us foodbloggers are getting together to promote Our Indian Food […]

TIP OF THE DAY!! Roast Your Veggies & Store..

Veggies like Carrots, Zucchini, Peppers, Eggplant, Peas, Squash, Mushrooms are needed so often.. The Easiest way is to Store them by Roasting these Veggies.. Just Heat a little Olive Oil, add the Chopped veggies that U want to store, roast these on a grill pan for 3/4 minutes, cool & store them in Ziploc bags […]