VEGETABLE CURRY !!! Some African Touch….

Vegetables…. So Versatile, Healthy, Delicious… Can be prepared in a Zillion Different Ways…I simply love my Veggies… Especially in the Winter, when they are so Fresh, Tender & sooo GREEN… Winter is here & I am ready to post my Winter Recipes with fresh vegetables.. I’ll be posting some Global recipes ,some authentic Indian recipes as […]

NOODLES !!! The Asian Piedpiper

#ChildrensDay.. I was so looking forward to posting a lot of recipes for Children’s Day but to my disappointment I was down with the flu and was in a terrible condition … even speak was a task… so there flew out my idea of posting recipes for you but will definitely try to make it […]

Let’s Go SOAM !! The KATHIAWADI Way…

#TasteandTalk session with Rushina Ghildiyal at Soam Mumbai.. Loved the Concept totally… Being a Gujarati myself I love food as all Gujaratis usually do and something that takes you back to your Culture ,to your Roots, is something what I cherish.. Born in a family from the Surat Navsari part of Gujarat and married into […]

BRUSCHETA !! The Universally loved…

I have been sharing so many recipes with you guys lately ..hope you are enjoying all the recipes I’ve been posting.. Today I am going to post one of my favourite Global dish …it’s the Italian Bruscheta …it’s a dish that can be had as a snack ,as an appetizer, could be included even in […]